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Bishop Ultra Marathon - May 2013

Despite our mass confusion last year the organizers asked us back, and even requested that we handle two aid stations. Both stations are remotely located in the Buttermilk area and the "Overlook" location requires a capable 4x4 to gain access.

Several of us went up Friday night and camped at the McGee Creek location-  John and Maureen McVicker, Sherrie and Dillon Skare, Mike and DeEtte. We had so much fun that we decided to camp there Sat. night also (although it was 32 degrees each night). 

Saturday morning we were joined by Raul and Debbie, while Greg Weirick and Jim Nelligan went up to establish the Overlook aid station.

Jim and Greg were just a two man show and handled all the ham radio communications, runner tracking, food and beverages. They had approximately 170 runners (or walkers) go through their station.

The McGee Creek group aided approximately 225 participants as they went up the mountain and about 220 as they came back down. A few dropped out but we did not lose anybody. Depending on their turn around point, most of the returning runners had traveled over 37 miles and really appreciated our aid station. Actually, they appreciated all the aid stations.

This event is a great fundraiser for our hospital although this may be the last year. The organizer is retiring and they are looking for somebody new.

Many of our club members also helped the ham radio club at other aid stations: John Patzer, Dennis Clark, George Johnston, John Shepherd and Mary Oltmans.

Hope you enjoyed the photos of the McGee station, campsite and library. The library did not have any reading materials but it did have a great mural. Click here to see the local article and the winners of the various categories.



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