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Monache Kiosks - September 2015

Not to be outdone, our southern members have been hard at work helping the ranger in Monache. Our Ridgecrest members, Alan and Warner, responded to a request for help to install kiosks. Below is more info and pictures.

Monache Meadows is at the southern tip of the Inyo National Forest and is arguably more beautiful than Coyote (and I love Coyote). Our club went there last year and we need to do it again!

Here is a short write up on our kiosk today.

It was a beautiful morning. Left the house @0600 to meet Forest Ranger Dave in Monache. Saw a lot of Aspen's changing color (probably a week or 2 past peak for most of the trees), but still beautiful! Met up with Dave in Monache Meadows a little before 9AM and after a short conversation, headed to the northern river campsites to finish the kiosk. Dave and a couple of fire fighters installed the the three metal posts a couple weeks ago (definitely the harder job) which hold the boards.

We mounted the boards to the posts, drilled holes for mounting and installed the signs. Everything went to together very smoothly and we were done in a little over 2 hours. Everything looks great!

Had a great time talking with Dave about Monache. Most interesting was finding out there was a wedding at one of the cabins by Bakeoven (a volcanic sand dune a couple of miles from where we installed the kiosks) and over a hundred people attended (a pretty large crowd to attend a wedding out in the 4x4 boonies!).

Enclosed some pictures of the fall colors and the kiosk we installed and the one that Warner and Dave installed about a month ago. Don't know if you got anything from Warner regarding the one he helped install - I know they installed the posts and the board in one day.

So, I had the easy job - but it was fun!


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