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National Public Lands Day -
September 2016

We had a great turnout and collaboration of Advocates for Access to Public Lands (AAPL), Friends of the Inyo (FOI) and the Eastern Sierra 4x4 Club. It was a monumental task to improve the access to one of mother natures beautiful works of art. All together we filled nine 4x4 vehicles and four ATVs with tools and worker bees, We broke rocks, stacked rocks, cut brush, trimmed trees and ate lunch together in the dynamic Black Canyon. Everybody jumped into the task with surprising vigor. Just to point out a couple endeavors: Kevin and his 18 volt cordless sawsall was a buzzsaw dynamo that went clear up to the cabin and back; Ron, Cody and Toby were a team with expertise in a wide variety of tools; we had international support from Spain with the exchange student, Cons; Raul got so carried away that he cut his power cord in half therefore Maureen and Debbie had to keep him under control. Everybody worked well together, the trail in now in very good condition and nobody got hurt!

The AAPL ATV group worked at putting up signs and clearing above the cabin area, the FOI workers broke rocks, trimmed and worked like crazy while the 4x4 group trimmed, trimmed and trimmed. The tight spot that put many dents and scratches in vehicles is no longer so tight. The branches that broke many antennas, roof racks and mirrors are now gone. There are now signs to keep you on the proper trails and keep us out of the wrong areas. The common thread of the entire group is to explore and to help manage the public lands that belong to all of us. Thanks for all your help!

ps. Thanks to Great Basin Bakery, Patagonia and Michelle Mather for donating goodies (and to FOI for getting the donations). Debby Hidalgo and Char Reed both won a one hour massage by Michelle.

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