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Water For Wildlife (Guzzlers)
April / May 2017

--- April Report

Field Report:   Guzzlers north of Casa Diablo
Date:  25 Apr 2017  Weather: High clouds, cool wind from the north 
           29 Apr 2017                 Clear, cool breeze
US6 to 5 Bridges Rd. to Fish Slough Rd. to unnumbered BLM roads to Chidago Canyon Rd. (Red Rock Canyon) to Forest 3S53 to Chidago Flat Rd. to 4S34 to 34A (Chidago Canyon) to 4S41 to /Casa Diablo Road to Benton Crossing Road (26)/ /4S04,4S03, 4S02 (29)/ to US 395 south.                                .                                                                          
Eastern Sierra 4wd Club runs:
(25)  Ed, Olin, John S, Raul, John M, Jerry in 4 vehicles
(29)  9 participants in 7 vehicles

Click here to read the Field Report. (PDF File - opens in new window)

---- May Report

This past week The Eastern Sierra 4X4 Club assisted the Water for Wildlife organization in the repair of approximately eight wildlife guzzlers here in the Owens Valley. The Inyo National Forest Wildlife Biologist, Kary Schlick, did a terrific job of helping to coordinate activities. She worked with the local BLM Wildlife Biologist, Sheena Waters, and it was a seamless transition into both agency areas. Both ladies rolled up there sleeves and worked right along side of us (possibly outworking some of us older participants).

I cannot say enough good things about those two. We are also very fortunate to have Cliff McDonald, President and Project Coordinator, of the Water for Wildlife- East Mohave Desert, initiate this project and bring his crew from southern California and western Arizona. They provided the expertise, the equipment and much of the materials. They are a great crew to work for.

The wildlife in our public lands are much happier when they have adequate and clean drinking water! I think it was a great experience for everybody.


Below are some pictures of the work done on one of the guzzlers this past week and a copy of the letter I sent to the local BLM and Inyo National Forest.

This was really a fun time with a great group of people (almost as crazy as four wheelers). Our Club participants included: Jerry Gabriel (instigator), John Shepard, Raul Hidalgo, Chuck Tello, Pat Woods, Jon Patzer, Mike Johnston and I think I forgot some people.

This summer there will be some very happy birds, reptiles and small mammals as they enjoy adequate and clean drinking water. More info about the Water for Wildlife can be found at: http://www.waterforwildlifeemd.com/


Mike Johnston

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