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Ham Radio Club Repairs
August 2017

Several of our 4x4 Club members went up to Silver Peak yesterday to help the Ham Radio Club make repairs to their relay station. The severe weather this winter had caused alignment problems with the an antenna dish and the webcam.

Although we have a negative knowledge of all that radio stuff, we did exactly what we were told to do. At the same time, we were very careful to not get our head too close to any of those funny looking antenna. We unfortunately forgot to line the inside of our hats with tin foil (it is assumed that the tin foil will protect your brain from any possible exposure to errant electro-magnetic waves etc.). Due to pre-existing conditions, we are not sure if any brain damage has occurred.

We were apparently successful with the project and you can view the webcam picture at: http://www.n6ov.com/Silver.html

Good work Raul, Pat (and Natalie the dog), Mike and John S., with the help of a very knowledgeable ham adviser Bill.


Mike Johnston

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